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Raw Squatting Thread on the P&B

If you’re used to a lot of ‘mainstream’ weight lifting communities, you’re probably used to a certain crowd.

The Power & Bulk ain’t it. It’s a moderate-sized board that fills a good niche in the strength community. I’m a member there, and even though I rarely post, there’s always an interesting discussion going on to make it worth a regular read.

Case in point: Raw Squats

This thread was started by Dan Montague, a fella I’ve known for quite awhile who’s quite a good lifter in his own right. This thread is a damn good read, as much of the lifting discussion there is. This is certainly worth a read if you’re interested in developing your squat.

On a related note, they’ve recently changed the site’s permissions so you have to be a registered user to see most of the board. If you’re interested in ‘strength culture’, which is to say getting/being strong and history of iron sports in general, that would be in your best interest.

Just be aware that the P&B is one of those ‘self-moderating’ sites, so be aware if you’re one of those without a sense of humor.