You don’t have to be a hardcore bodybuilder, spending 15 hours a week in the gym, to have a great life with low stress & high energy

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Imagine you’re this skinny, under-fed, un-athletic social odd-ball of a kid

17 years old, barely tipping the scales at 125 pounds.

You’ve never done much with your body. You never were competitive. You like reading books and playing video games.

Then one day, you drop into the football coach’s weight-training class to duck out on an AP chemistry class that bored you to tears.

For the first time in your life, you get a taste of what your body can do. You love the challenge. You realize that testing yourself is fun, exciting, and rewarding.

That was me.

My name’s Matt Perryman. Skipping out on that boring high school chemistry class is how I ended up like this 10 years later:

Matt Perryman deadlifting 220 kilos

Me at age 30, deadlifting 220 kg for a couple of reps.

I spent a lot of time and virtual ink writing about the ins and outs of weight training, muscle building, and strength training in those years.

Today I’m interested in a different game.

A fit, vital, and rewarding life doesn’t come from bulging muscles and 5% body fat

Most people never stop to ask what matters to them.

Why do you want what you want?

Do you have a good answer? Have you ever asked?

When I was that skinny 17 year old kid, my inspirations were the pro bodybuilders in the magazines at the news stand. (I’m old enough to remember magazines before the internet.) My boss was a competing bodybuilder around the local scene, another source of inspiration for us kids.

I had no idea what it took to get a body like that. Years later, I’d understand the amounts of drugs, the crazy workouts, and the strict diets that it took to get into contest shape.

After spending close to 15 years training for the goals of maximum muscle and bar-breaking strength…

I started to question whether the result was worth it

In my Road to Damascus moment, I realized that…

Once I realized this, I didn’t care to keep reading a never-ending pile of repetitive and boring research articles about muscle growth and fat loss.

All that information, and it never made any real difference to results – to me or my clients.

There’s more.

The goals that drive people to extremes in sports like bodybuilding and powerlifting aren’t the ideal for people interested in a healthier, fitter body, or a more rewarding life.

No hate. The top performers in those sports do amazing things.

But those goals don’t appeal to everyone. Not only that, knowing what I know now, I’d never call those healthy activities.

I’ve got a different way.

Today I’m helping others achieve what Aristotle called eudaimonia.

That word is often translated as “happiness” or “flourishing”.

A more literal translation would be “well-being of the spirit”.

Spirit doesn’t have to mean anything mystical or woo-woo.

It only means that there are parts of a good life beyond having six-pack abs and a yoke bursting out of your t-shirt.

You need a fit, healthy body to thrive. But to truly live well as a human being, you need more than material goals.

The fitness world is full of petty, egotistical, empty, and emotionally broken people who got that way by letting superficial goals replace deeper meaning and well-being.

You don’t have to do that.

You can have the body, more energy, less stress, and a more fulfilling life – with less time and sacrifice than you think.

If you’re a busy entrepreneur, CEO, or business owner and you’d like help answering that question – help elevating your life to thrive in every way, body and mind – you might be interested in learning more from me.

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